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Endless possibilities with GIECO

GIECO is an EPC Contractor with successfully completed industrial and civil projects all around Egypt. It continue in their passage with successful Mega projects in the New Administration Capital, Ports, Marine Ports, Roads and Bridges. Also it strength concentrate in the highly qualified, well experienced manpower and the top wide range of construction equipment.

Company Story

Story Of Success

Started in Alexandria at 1912 and have been leader through the years in the fabrication, welding, testing and erection of metal plate structures and related systems.

GIECO have Steel Fabrication Workshops in Alexandria for a monthly production that exceeding 3000 Ton per month and more depending on the type of steel.

GIECO is targeting to participate in Egypt Great Railway Project in renovation, upgrading and building new lines.

Best Company in Egypt

We provide high quality services

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To continually deliver excellent value and advanced construction solutions to meet/exceed clients’ requirements.


To provide the highest level of service in our industry while offering superior craftsmanship to every project.


safety ,integrity , client service , Our values are non negotiable we stand and sucrify to do the job ( Right Way)

Premium Service

GIECO's Essentials

GIECO is an EPC Contractor with successfully completed industrial and civil projects all around Egypt.


GIECO civil projects includes many mega projects in high rise buildings and governmental buildings complex.



GIECO recent challenge and success is the Marine Ports, where we work hard and carefully taking into consideration every minor change in weather and sea movements. buildings complex.


Roads And Bridges

GIECO valuing roads and bridges as transport is a vital element of enabling a functioning economy. Delivering an appropriate and sustainable transportation network is the most exciting challenge in Egypt today.


Industerial Field

GIECO working carefully in Mega Projects development process to reduce any possible strategic misrepresentation.


Best Company in Egypt

Our Endless Safety Procedures

We take safety very seriously and are constantly improving our policies and procedures to ensure a safe work environment.

We employ safety officers to ensure that all policies and procedures are adhered to and that our zero harm targets will be met.

At every level, our workforce is making zero harm safety our main objective. Our commitment is to provide a safe work environment for our employees and for everyone who visits our work sites.

  • Continuous Ongoing supervision and training 
  • Incident reporting and investigation
  • Daily Site Safety Toolbox Talk
  • Weekly and Monthly Safety Management Meeting
  • At Site Weekly Management Walkthrough
  • Newsletter updates detailing health and safety issues
Continuous Supervision
Incident Reporting
Incident Invistigation
Safety Toolbox
Newsletter safety updates
Track your teams progress

GIECO's Key Frames

We are always proud of what we achieved and always be but we never stop growing up.










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