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Chairman’s Message

Eng. Essam El-Gharably

Love, Trust And Respect

I would like to thank all our teams, directors and employees, who worked hard to uphold the reputation of our esteemed company, which is positively reflected in the achievements of our goals in spite of the confronted challenges, past years, and succeeded to win the execution of mega projects.

Due to the faithful efforts and persistence of our team, GIECO succeeded to gain the appreciation of our clients, and won several projects bids in addition to Work Authorizations.


GIECO team is the main factor of boosting GIECO’s business and responsible for upgrading the work performance of the company up to the international levels. This target is fulfilled through permanent training of manpower on the local and international levels.

I extend my thanks, appreciation and gratitude to our clients/suppliers in  Egypt & abroad for their trust, which will remain an incentive to exercise more efforts to maintain their trust and their continuous support.

GIECO will always be proud to assist in all your business aspects.

The commitment with the international standards of quality, environment, health and safety is on the top of our priorities.

GIECO reinforces its efforts to communicate with Foreign Investors and Egyptian Clients to strengthen mutual cooperation through taking part in executing engineering and construction projects.

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