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The Tallest Flagpole In THE WORLD

The Egyptian government is expected to inaugurate the New Administrative Capital by mid-2022, relocating all ministries and 52,300 government employees after a six-month experimental operations phase.

In light of such transformational growth, GIECO has constructed the tallest flagpole in the world standing at 201.952 meters high that could be seen across the city in a spectacular view of the Egyptian flag fluttering high and setting a new record for others to surpass.

The giant flagpole was commissioned by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, constructed of 1000 tons of structural steel manufactured by GIECO’s steel plant in Alexandria. The pole sections were lifted by Liebherr LR 11200 crawler crane, one of its kind in Egypt in terms of lifting capacity.

Design and Internal System. What’s inside?

The conical pole is constructed of tapered steel with a 3-coat epoxy anti-corrosion painting both internally and externally. The system incorporates environmental monitoring software to ensure the pole’s durability by damping and resisting the vibrations caused by the wind pressure. It also includes an electrically operated flag halyard and an aircraft warning lighting system.

Mr. Moatasem El Gharably, Chairman of GIECO, received Guinness World Records Award for the Tallest Flagpole in The World on the 25th of December 2021, ending the year on a positive note! He also praised the staff conducted efforts towards the completion of the new landmark.

The flagpole has been erected in honor of Egypt’s new capital, and this celebration shall be the beginning of many events to take place throughout 2022 as an economic revival post-COVID pandemic challenges.

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