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Employees Health And Safety

Employees Health And Safety

Employees Health and Safety

Gharably Integrated Engineering Company (GIECO) is one of the major contractors with completed industrial and civil projects all around Egypt. GIECO acknowledges its responsibilities for sustainable development to provide all applicable instructions, procedures, and guidelines for the implementation of Megaprojects.

The objective of the HSE management system is to ensure that all works are performed in compliance with applicable standards, specifications, regulations, codes, and best industry practices.

Every new hire and contractor should be held accountable for working toward this goal. The company’s goal is to maintain an incident-free workplace. Employees and contractors should be held responsible for working toward this Goal.

GIECO takes all reasonable precautions in its operations and disposals to safeguard the health and safety of its people and the environment. GIECO’s management team believes that all accidents and incidents are preventable, and they strive for ZERO damage from their operations.

GIECO ensures Health, Safety, and Environmental practices and procedures are maintained throughout the company and all its sites. It is promoting the involvement of all personnel in the maintenance of a safe working environment. Maintaining full compliance with the requirements of safety, occupational health, and environment.

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